Saturday, 30 January 2016

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After Mandarin (Chinese), English is the second most spoken language by total number of speakers in the planet as their mother language. Because apart from Chinese people,  only few people can speak Chinese, even them are "forced" to learn how to speak and write in English in order to communicate with the rest of the world.

English is the global international language for science, arts, technology, business, trade and of course travel.

The English language along with gold and oil are heavily used "concepts" in international markets of tangible and intangible values-assets ​​and the vast majority of people end up knowing their value even though they do not know or use anything of these and are related indirectly or directly with them.

Why this obsession with the English language? Because, along with gold and oil, English language is like a "weapon" and yet an excellent tool that can take you way too far if you know how to use it.

On the other hand, Greece has a vast history, a rich culture but only a tiny little fraction of the global population speaks that language. Despite that, Greeks are all over the world, they succeed in everything they work on, Greek cuisine is one of the most popular yet the most difficult to reproduce it if you miss the right ingredients and, God damn, we know a lot about philosophy, democracy and modern civilization. Greece is a unique country and so is Greek language. Along with Latin, Greek are the predominant sources of international scientific vocabulary and it might be spoken by only 15 -or even less- millions people but still it does not make it less interesting or less useful in commerce, travels or even sciences.  

As global citizens, we consider English as one of our most valuable tools-assets. In combination with our postgraduate studies in England plus our broad exposure to English speaking nations except the UK (like South Africa, Canada, USA etc), we are able to be assigned for professional website translations and other texts from English to Greek and vice versa.

Give a boost to your business and launch a Greek version of it. Make it accessible to a much bigger audience or target group that would never been able to reach it instead.

Send us an email to and explain to us your needs. Give us the time frame you want and we promise to stick on it. Give us your budget and together we will agree in a rate that will make everybody happy. 

Our goal is to supplement our travel income by offering a translation of high quality. If you stay satisfied, and you end up recommending us to a friend who has the same interest with you, then automatically it makes us a good and reliable partner. Eventually, this is our ultimate goal!

We hope to hear from you soon!


Nikos Dimitriou
Georgia Micheli